RMLA Scholarship Report 2011

Craig Mallett Scholarship Convenor

Three scholarships were awarded in 2011.

Six applications were received in 2011 and the RMLA awarded three scholarships

  1. Emily Rogers

Emily received a $5000 scholarship. Emily has a Bachelor of Resource Planning from Massey University with 1st class honours. She is now undertaking a Masters of Resource & Environmental Planning.  Her research topic is “Smarter Growth? An Assessment of the Efficacy of the Land Use Development Controls in the Tauranga District Plan”. The thesis will be a plan evaluation exercise, focusing on the land use development controls in the Tauranga District Plan.

  1. Matthew Skellern

Matthew received a $2500 scholarship.  Matthew has a Bachelor of Planning with Second Class Honours First Division.  The scholarship is to help undertake research on “Planning Approaches to Surfing Area Management” as part of a Masters of Planning at Auckland University.  The study will analyse NZ and overseas planning processes for the managing surfing areas and identify effective management tools.  He submitted letters in support from universities, Surfbreak NZ, and the Auckland Council.

  1. Julie Abbari

Julie received a $2500 scholarship.  Julie has a BA Hons and proposes to undertake a MA in Geography at Canterbury University.  Her research topic is “Is Starlight a Natural and Cultural Resource? Can the RMA Protect It?”.  Julie will investigate the potential for the RMA to be applied in the protection of a proposed starlight reserve at Lake Tekapo. Julie has been involved in a collaborative research project reviewing the possibility of applying for World Heritage status over the proposed Starlight Reserve at Lake Tekapo.

The Scholarship Committee comprised Craig Mallett and Ian Fraser from the RMLA National Committee.