RMLA Post Graduate Scholarship Winner 2006

Mr Alan Dormer, the President of the Resource Management Law Association of New Zealand Inc is pleased to announce that the Resource Management Law Association’s Post Graduate Scholarship for 2006 has been awarded to Benjamin Bruno Gleisner of Wellington.

Benjamin, who already holds a Bachelor Science Degree from Victoria University of Wellington, is studying in the School of Earth Sciences at Victoria University for a Masters in Environmental Studies. The topic of his thesis is ‘Evaluating the role of project-based mechanisms in New Zealand climate change policy.’

The stated aim of his research is to ‘determine under what conditions project-based mechanisms are an effective and efficient mechanism to meet New Zealand’s Kyoto Protocol obligations.’ To fulfil this objective he will be carrying out interviews across Europe, Canada and Australasia, with Government officials, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations, academics and industry representatives.

In addition to his studies Benjamin has a wide range of interests including voluntary work, playing squash, soccer, the piano and cello as well as coaching a soccer team. .

His proposed future career plans include working as a policy analyst in the public sector in New Zealand and possibly work in an environmental consultancy.