RMLA Special Interest Groups


Re-organisation of the RMLA Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

After consideration by the National Committee, it has been decided to reorganise the RMLA Special Interest Groups.

Role and Functioning of Special Interest Groups

It is intended that the SIGs focus on issues which are likely to be the subject of proposals for National Policy Statements (NPS), National Environmental Standards (NES) or new legislation. The purpose of the SIGs will be to assist the RMLA Legislation Committee in preparing and presenting submissions on proposed NPS, NES and new enactments as they emerge from Government.

SIGs may also function to provide networking with other specialists and a forum for discussion. The activities of the SIGs will also be reported in Resource Management News from time to time to keep RMLA members in general informed about important developments in these areas of law and practice.

It is intended that the SIGs will correspond via email groups. For the larger SIGs with 20 or more members, the Convenors may establish a core group of 6-10 members to facilitate the preparation of draft submissions for discussion by the relevant SIG before being recommended to the Legislation Committee for approval as the basis of the RMLA’s submission on a proposed NPS or NES. The practise is that the SIG prepare a draft submission, for consideration and final approval by the Legislation Committee. Administrative support is provided to the SIG through Karol Helmink, such as provision of a template for seeking input on submissions. Email information is provided via ‘blind carbon copy’ to provide privacy of email addresses.

Only RMLA members may join a SIG. For a list of the Special Interest Groups, please contact Karol Helmink on email: karol.helmink@xtra.co.nz